Andrea, Steve, and I got the walls cleaned and primed. The cleaning (with bleach solution) took the most time so I think finishing up the painting could be done in a morning. We finished removing the inside panel in the center of the south wall since that was where water ran down from the roof leak. There was some rotten wood and It really smelled of mildew. The sliding window was still there (complete with the little bolts on the sides) and it works.

New light from the west side of the building! Photo by Andrea Patterson

I would like to remove all the inside panels on the south side– there is water damage to wood in the southeast corner so that one needs to be opened up anyway. I think opening these up might also reduce the general mildew odor problem. It would also give us maximum flexibility in banding table arrangements and better lighting. (We could have a nicer version of Bob’s plexiglass inserts for example )

Should we reopen the 2 east side windows as well ?

– Kelly