Station closed for the season

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8 new bands of 5 species; 1 recap.  The fall 2011 season is officially over!  Thirteen volunteers braved the frosty morning to take down the nets, stow the poles in the garage, and clean up the banding lab.  We even managed to catch a handful of birds while waiting for the nets to dry!  Golden-crowned Kinglet was the bird of the day with 3 new bands.  Many thanks to Kelly, Jon, Marilyn, Gayle, Ann and Allen, Doug and Sue, Ruth and her daughter Emily, Cindy, Kathleen and Andrea.  SEE YOU IN THE SPRING!

– Andrea Patterson

Passing 4,000 for fall

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15 new bands of 8 species; 8 recaps.  It was a misty, wet day to conclude the fall season.  We managed to get in 5.5 hours before calling it a day and a season.  Our plan to take down some nets was defeated by the on and off drizzle which never allowed the nets to dry out.  The banding total today pushed the season total over 4000 (unofficially 4002) new birds.  The most numerous species today was Brown Creeper with 4 banded. Jon Dombrowski

Brown Creeper by Ryan Kayhart

Interior with drywall

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And now … look at the inside of the old boathouse!  Are those teal blue walls?

Drywall installed! Photo by Dave Mathiason.

Rebuilding the west wall

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Work is almost completed on the outside of the old boathouse!

West side of the boathouse looking southward. Photo by Dave Mathiason.

Work on the west side of the boathouse almost finished! Photo by Dave Mathiason.

New windows installed on the west side. Photo by Ryan Kayhart.

Interior demolition

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Amazing changes are taking place in the main room of the ‘boathouse’.  New windows are bringing light to the space that will soon hold our third banding table, auditorium/workshop /education area, kitchenette, office and storage space.

New windows on the north side of the building. Photo by Ryan Kayhart.

Northwest corner of the boathouse with windows on the north side installed. Photo by Dave Mathiason.

In with the new.......... out with the old! Photo by Ryan Kayhart.