The Last Cold Day????????????

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Monday April 30,2012.  13 new of 7 species; 4 recaps;   new species Gray Catbird.  There was frost on the back nets at dawn, but we are hoping we have seen the last of the unseasonably cold weather!  We had almost twice as many volunteers as birds today, but we had a lot of visitors who enjoyed a ASY-M Sharp-shinned Hawk and the first catbird of the season.  Betsy was back for her five weeks of banding.  New volunteer Matt Brincka helped with data entry and scribing.  The wind is forecast to shift to the south quadrant tonight … not a minute too early for everyone at the banding station!!!     Peggy Keller

More cars than birds

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In what must be the worst final week in April in BBBO’s history, we banded only 8 birds (10 recaptures) today. We certainly had more cars in the parking lot than birds in the nets. Fortunes are bound to change early this next week as winds shift around from the south and warmer weather replaces the unusually cold conditions. We did manage to impress some early visitors with a Sharp-shinned Hawk captured not long after sunrise. The skies overhead were full of Blue Jays, and four found their way into our nets. A juvenile Bald Eagle soared over the field for an extended period, and several students from Cornell’s Field Methods in Bird Banding class enjoyed seeing a Northern Harrier at Braddock Bay Raptor Research’s hawk banding station nearby. Thanks to Marilyn for her famous muffins and Kathy for bringing amazing banana bread! Legendary bander Betsy Brooks arrives tomorrow. Let’s hope that the birds arrive as well.   David Bonter

North winds = 7 birds

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Far more people visited the station than birds today as only 7 total birds were banded (3 Ruby-crowned Kinglets, an American Robin, a Northern Waterthrush, a Song Sparrow, and a Blue-headed Vireo). Fortunately, we did recapture 24 previously banded birds, so the visitors had something to look at for most of the morning. A few dozen people from Cornell’s Spring Field Ornithology course stopped by and peppered students from Cornell’s Field Methods in Bird Banding class with questions. The banding students did well and enjoyed handling some unfamiliar species–the Blue-headed Vireo was definitely the highlight. Chita and Marilyn kept the operation running smoothly while Ryan and Steve tackled the new brush pile on the edge of the field. North winds again tonight…  David Bonter

Windy and Cold again!

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Friday, April 27, 2012.  11 new bands of 3 species; 10 recaps.  No new species.  We are only open for 3 hours due to the cold, wind and lack of birds.  So it was another slow day at BBBO.  Bird of the day was Ruby-crowned Kinglet with 8 banded.  Warm weather will return starting next week! Ryan was BIC with help from John Lehr, Lee, Marilyn and Heather.   Ryan Kayhart

Another Slow Day…..

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Thursday April 26 2012. 24 new birds; 15 recaps. It was windy and cold at the lake yesterday….another slow day.  Pat Lovallo had an interesting event with a Song Sparrow that she banded and released out the back door. As soon as she let it go and it flew 20 feet or so, a Sharp-shinned Hawk flew in and grabbed it. Nature isn’t always pleasant!  Later in the day, Lyn Jacobs worked on taking several wheel-barrow loads of brush cuttings down to the road for pick-up.  Marian Klik

Another Slow Day for the Wednesday Crew!

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Wednesday April 25, 2012. 50 new of 9 species; 16 retraps.  New species: Blue Jay with 3 banded today. The bird of the day was Ruby-crowned Kinglet with 39 new bands.  Almost all of the kinglets were originally caught in the first three net checks, but continued to forage in the area as we kept retrapping them (and releasing them unprocessed) until we closed at hour 5.0. Jon Dombrowski

First Blue Jay of the season               Photo by Ryan Kayhart

Snow Day For the Birds

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Tuesday April 24, 2012.  It was too cold and snowy for the birds and the banders today, so we didn’t open any nets at all.  Maybe tomorrow?

Betsy Brooks

Earth Day and Two Beautiful Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers!

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Sunday April 22, 2012.  107 new of 14 species; 11 retraps.   New Species Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, House Wren,and Northern Waterthrush. It was a cloudy, cool morning.  On our second net check, a bunch of kinglets hit our nets and that went on until about hour 3. Bird of the day was definitely Ruby -crowned Kinglet with 73 banded.  We welcomed a group from BBBR’s Birds of Prey Days, and they got to see a lot of birds including two Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers. Ryan Kayhart

SY Female Yellow-bellied Sapsucker by Ryan Kayhart.

SY Female Yellow-bellied Sapsucker by Ryan Kayhart.

Too Wet To Band!

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Saturday, April 21:   A steady rain started just before sunrise, and continued throughout the morning preventing us from opening any nets.  Chita and I spent the morning getting the newsletters ready to be mailed, and then she headed to the post office.   Six guests from the Braddock Bay Raptor Research Birds-of-Prey Days visited briefly, and I hope they’ll all come back on a sunnier day.          Andrea Patterson

Our First-of-the-Spring Yellow-rumped Warbler!

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Friday April 20, 2012. 126 new birds banded of 13 species. New species for the year is Myrtle Warbler. The majority of birds banded were Ruby-crowned Kinglets, with a total of 71. There were also good numbers of Hermit Thrush and White-throated Sparrow. We closed the aerial nets at hour 2.5 because there were so many kinglets. Those nets were reopened at hour 4. Many Red Admiral butterflies continue to grace the paths and net lanes but they seem to be very good at avoiding the nets, thank goodness!  Cindy Marino  

First Yellow-rumped Warbler of the Season Photo by Kathy Habgood

First Yellow-rumped Warbler of the Season Photo by Kathy Habgood

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