Monday April 16 2012.  57 new bands of 13 species.  New species Blue-headed Vireo, Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, Pine Warbler and Eastern Towhee.  Considering the warm and breezy weather, it seemed a bit odd that we did not have more birds in the nets, but there were enough to keep us all happy!

We had a visit from Daena Ford and family. In between net checks we were able to witness some amazing raptor migration, as large kettles of Broad Wings, Sharpies, Turkey Vultures and other assorted hawks formed and dissipated overhead. Also seen were dozens of Red Admiral butterflies. Thanks to Chita, Peggy, Shirley, Jane, Terry, Cathy, Gayle, Pat and Kelly for all the great help. All in all, a perfect day of early Spring banding!

Cindy Marino

SY-Female Pine Warbler.        Photo by Peggy Keller

SY-Female Pine Warbler. Photo by Peggy Keller