Sunday May 6, 2012.  30 new of 14 species; 10 recaps.  New species Warbling Vireo.  It was a disappointing morning with winds from the wrong direction keeping the birds south of the lakeshore.   There were more people than birds most of the morning!  Kelly created beautiful spring floral arrangements for the entrance to the ‘boathouse’ and for inside where the Dedication will take place. Later, at 5 PM, at least 75 people came to honor Bob at the Dedication ceremony. Speakers included Matt Belanger, Cindy Marino, Linda Boutwell, Roger Cass, myself, and several others. There was a wonderful turnout of family, BBBO members, RBA and Burroughs Audubon members and other friends of Bob. Afterwards we enjoyed a celebratory supper furnished by Andrea Patterson, Ann Nash, Kathy Habgood, Marilyn Guenther, Alice vandeMoere, Cindy Marino and Linda Boutwell. It was a lovely evening to remember a good friend who loved to band birds.      Betsy Brooks