Monday May 7, 2012.  65 new bands of 24 species; 5 recaps.  New species Chestnut-sided Warbler and American Redstart.  The action picked up just a little today.  Ruby-crowned Kinglet was bird of the day with 12 banded, but we also banded ten warbler species, and a surprising, late male Golden-crowned Kinglet.   The morning was brightened up with the appearance of a Fish Crow over the banding station.   The Mobile Avian Recording Studio (MARS) trailer arrived so there will be continued research on the vocalizations of several warbler species this spring.  We took blood samples from several Yellow-rumped Warblers for research being conducted by Kristen Covino, a doctoral student at Southern Mississippi University.  Maggi Sliwinski , a former BTC student and graduate of Hobart & William Smith Colleges, who is leaving soon for a summer research project in Nebraska, spent the day with us and enjoyed banding some spring warblers.  Later in the day, Rodney Olsen arrived from Vermont with students and teachers from the Diversified Occupation School in Middlebury, VT.    Betsy Brooks

ASY-Male American Redstart.  Photo by Ryan Kayhart

ASY-Male American Redstart. Photo by Ryan Kayhart

Maggi and RyanPhoto by Kathy Habgood

Maggi and Ryan
Photo by Kathy Habgood