Wednesday May 9, 2012.  119 new of 35 species; 13 recaps.  New species Bay-breasted Warbler, Wilson’s Warbler, Canada Warbler.  What a nice day, with wonderful variety.  Rodney and his students and teachers helped with the banding in the morning.  We watched several Bald Eagles and a Sandhill Crane fly over the field, and a Green Heron landed on a branch right near the banding station.  Nicole Munkwitz from Alfred University joined us for the day.  Allan began spreading woodchips on our flooded trails, and the Vermont boys helped load the wheelbarrows for him.  Bird of the day was Western Palm Warbler with 14 banded.  We banded 16 warbler species!   Our new T-shirts arrived and were promptly modeled by some of the banders.   Betsy Brooks

Bay-breasted Warbler.  Photo by Ryan Kayhart

Bay-breasted Warbler. Photo by Ryan Kayhart