Friday, May 18, 2012 110 new of 25 species; 21 recaps.  New species Philadelphia Vireo and Mourning Warbler.  It was another incredibly busy day at BBBO with 25 or so students and faculty from Houghton College visiting  – going on net runs, watching the banding process, and hearing talks by Dr. Mark Deutschlander on his migration orientation research and by Dr. Sara Morris on her work recording vocalizations of warblers in the MARS trailer.  The first Mourning Warblers of the season were just amazing and the BTC students got to see the non-existent tenth primary of the Philadelphia Vireo!  In the afternoon, Andrea gave a slide presentation on ageing and sexing birds in the hand.  Eldon Remy dropped by to present us with copies of his book.  The clean-up of the garage (s) continued all afternoon.    Betsy Brooks

ASY Male Blackpoll Warbler.  Photo by Ryan Kayhart

ASY Male Blackpoll Warbler. Photo by Ryan Kayhart