Monday May 21, 2012.  325 new of 34 species; 17 recaps.  New species Acadian Flycatcher.  It was a classic spring day, with all the right conditions for a good fallout of birds.   Annmarie did all the measurements and was able to band our first Acadian Flycatcher of the year.  We banded 17 warbler species including the bird of the day – Magnolia Warbler, with 82 banded.  Other high totals were 35 ‘Traill’s’ Flycatchers, 25 Chestnut-sided Warblers and 23 American Redstarts.  Members of the Allyn’s Creek Garden Club got to watch the excitement of the morning before their meeting at the station.  Lisa Padulka and her parents were a great help … Bill scribing fast and furious for at least three hours without a break!                  Betsy Brooks

Northern Parula Warblers.  Photo by Ryan Kayhart

Northern Parula Warblers. Photo by Ryan Kayhart