Tuesday May 22, 2012.  322 new of 33 species; 29 recaps.  New species, Gray-cheeked/Bicknell’s Thrush.  Two 300+ bird days in a row were a real ‘gift.’  We handled 17 warbler species including an astounding 106 Magnolia Warblers banded!  We had 24 Swainson’s Thrush and a Gray-cheeked/Bicknell’s Thrush (by wing chord measurement).  Joanna Klima spent several hours mending nets for us.  We took a tick off a bird, and found lice on another bird. The BTC students made plans for tomorrow’s banding, when they will be responsible for managing the banding station.   Mark Deutschlander continued getting the garage ready for the migration research that he and SUNY Brockport grad student Jenna Holzschuh will be doing.    Betsy Brooks