Thursday May 24, 2012.  156 new of 27 species; 19 recaps.  Bird of the day was Magnolia Warbler with 25 banded, but 20 Swainson’s Thrush was also very good, and banding two Acadian Flycatchers on one day was amazing! Thirteen warbler species was excellent, and we enjoyed banding a flock of eight Cedar Waxwings that were captured in our nets.  One had burnt orange tail tips – indicating that Morrow’s honeysuckle was a part of its diet in the past.  We had 12 members of a local hiking club visit.  Dr. Sue Smith of RIT gave a workshop to the Bander Training Class students on the techniques involved in taking blood samples from birds.  Two of Dr. Sara Morris’ students recorded vocalizations from warblers.  Dr. George Farnsworth, a member of the BTC, gave a presentation on his behavioral research with Northern Mockingbirds at Xavier University.  Just 159 more birds to band and we’ll have 4000 for the season.    Betsy Brooks