Friday June 1, 2012.  2 new of 2 species; 3 recaps.  With stiff winds from the SSE and rain in the forecast, we only set up a few nets and kept our eyes on the radar, while doing 15-minute net checks to make sure no birds got wet from a sudden shower.  Visitors from Utah got to see just 1 Yellow and 1 Blackpoll Warbler, along with three recaps, before we had to close for the day when heavier showers moved in to the area.   We were able to take down one of the aerial net poles in order to retie the guy wire that had snapped during the day yesterday.  Betsy and Ryan are leaving today – Ryan to his MAPS banding in Vermont and Betsy to her nesting bird studies in the Christmas tree plantations in Allegany County.  The banding station will be open Saturday, Sunday and Monday (weather permitting) and close for the season after banding on Tuesday.  It’s been a great season with lots of variety and some record-breaking numbers of individual species.       Betsy Brooks

Ryan's Last Day at BBBO Until Fall.  Photo by Kathy Habgood

Ryan’s Last Day at BBBO Until Fall. Photo by Kathy Habgood