Saturday June 2, 2012.  43 new birds of 15 species; 7 recaps.  Three female Hummingbirds were released unbanded.  The day started with a surprise, as a small tree had fallen onto the 90 aerial net some time overnight.  Luckily, the tree wasn’t terribly heavy and no damage was done to the net (which has already been replaced once this week due to a deer).  The warbler migration is clearly over, as flycatchers dominated the day.  Yellow-bellied Flycatcher was bird of the day with 13 banded, and Traill’s was right behind with 12.  The best bird of the day, though, was the first fledgling of the season – a Common Grackle.  It flew straight into net 3 as several people watched.  We brought it immediately back to the station for banding, and then returned to the area around net 3 where it flew awkwardly into the bushes and lost its balance as it landed clumsily on a branch – typical behavior for a young fledgling.  We also recaptured a banded Gray Catbird.  When we looked up the band number we saw that it had been banded as an AHY bird in May 2007!  That makes him/her at least seven years old!   We welcomed back two visitors from Utah – Carol Jackman and Andrea Rosborough – who missed the warbler migration but still got to see a “lifer” or two, and we also welcomed a visitor from Colorado – Ed Holroyd – who used to live in Spencerport and had visited people banding at our site many decades ago.  I hope people will still be able to come back for visits many decades from now!  Andrea Patterson
Juvenile Common Grackle.  Photo by Andrea Patterson

Juvenile Common Grackle. Photo by Andrea Patterson