Tuesday June 12, 2012. I just finished processing the data from Friday, June 8 at the Kaiser MAPS site. It was a slow day, but being the first day and with some new people to introduce to the procedures, I was glad it was a slow day.

Helping out were Peggy Keller, Cindy Marino, Jenna Holzschuh, Greg Lawrence, and Aggie Windig. Kathy Habgood could not make it as she was putting together a baby shower for her daughter for the next day, so we have no pictures. I gave everyone an opportunity to band and that was a good thing to get them used to helping with all the banding when it gets busy. Jenna Holzschuh showed she knows aging and sexing of birds well.

Greg identified 51 different species in the area, most of which were singing! The unusual one was the Winter Wren singing down near the swamp. I heard it most of the morning and the day before when I was setting up the nets.

We got 13 new birds and 9 recaptures.

I did put up the F&W signs and replaced a few new rebars that someone took out. I do hope there will be no trouble next week.

It was a beautiful day for this first day of MAPS, and we had a good time. Thanks to Ryan for mowing the paths and lanes for the nets.
Marian Klik