The Kuckville MAPS station finally opened on June 8. Twenty-six new birds were banded with two recaps. Eight nets were in use.

I was wondering if any of the Bobolinks banded in 2011 would show up in 2012. At one of the early checks a male Bobolink was netted and this bird was a recap! It had been banded last year on June 26 at the station. When considering that since late June of 2011, this Bobolink migrated down to central South America and back up to Orleans County, it had traveled about 12,500 miles . . . and it has made that trip at least one time prior if one assumes the bird hatched in 2010, migrated down that fall, and then back up to North America in 2011. Frankly, that is fascinating. Two other male Bobolinks were newly banded as well.

There was some band maintenance, with a Northern Cardinal having a band replaced. Several Song Sparrows were banded as well as Gray Catbirds, and a male Downy Woodpecker.

The second to last net check yielded a female Brown Thrasher. The last net check of the day found three female Bobolinks in a meadow net and while walking to the net to extract those birds, a fourth female flushed out of the water/grass and flew directly into the net.

Thank you very much to Andrea and Emily, Bob, Gary and Kathy for providing help – without you folks things would not have run smoothly. Bob provided sage advice on bird rehab, Emily net-picked birds very skillfully, Andrea did a great job coding the molt limits and plumage, Gary helped in removing the meadow nets and Kathy moved several birds to their release point.

The next date for banding is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, June 16, 2012.

Tom Klotzbach

Female Bobolink at Kuckville MAPS Station.  Photo by Tom Klotzbach

Female Bobolink at Kuckville MAPS Station. Photo by Tom Klotzbach