Friday June 15, 2012.  Period 5; Second Session

We had cool and sunny skies to start as we were opening nets at 5:00 in the morning. It was a slower day compared to last week, but our crew was a little bigger. Becky and Lisa took the data. Ethan and Ryan went head to head to see who’ll be top bander for Maps 2012. Henry did the net picking and Rodney did both Banding and net picking.  This time Henry pulls out another first for Dead Creek –  a male American Kestrel . Not only that, he banded his first bird of the season!  Ryan and Rodney went around and trimmed the net lanes. We had a great variety such as Song sparrow, American Goldfinch, Downy Woodpecker, and a Warbling Vireo after missing it last season. A SY male Orchard Oriole sang nonstop this morning for a few hours. Bird of the day – Brown-headed Cowbird with 4 banded.  We had 23 new birds and 14 retraps. Missing in action again were: Claire Trombley, Warren King, and Brendan Collins.     Ryan Kayhart


Ryan, Becky, Lisa, Adam, Rodney, Ethan, and Henry
Dead Creek Bird Observatory MAPS Crew
Photo by Ryan Kayhart

Warbling Vireo Photo by Ryan Kayhart

Warbling Vireo. Photo by Ryan Kayhart

First banded American Kestrel at Dead Creek MAPS Station!
Photo by Becky Trombley