June 7, 2012.  41 adult birds of 11 species banded, 1 hatch-year bird of 1 species, 8 recaps, 1 unbanded grackle (no 3A bands yet!!).  New hatch-year species:  Brown-headed Cowbird.  47 species observed in the study area, 3 with young.    The HANA station is located in the High Acres Nature Area and is key to developing the area’s Conservation Management Plan.  Nets are located in mixed hardwood forests, scrub-shrubland, and adjacent to emergent marshes.  Seven volunteers enjoyed an exceptional morning of banding and birding on the opening day of the second year of this project.  Highlights included observing a flock of about 10 Spotted Sandpiper darting back and forth over the causeway on the Eastern Wetland, several Great Egrets and a Green Heron on the causeway, and a male Rose-breasted Grosbeak perched on the top trammel of a net as his probable mate was caught down below.  The only fledgling banded today was a young Cowbird.  Samantha Gonzalez