RITBO: 14 adult birds of 7 species banded, no hatch-years, 8 recaps.  20 species observed in the study area.  The RITBO station is located on the eastern side of RIT’s campus, funded by RIT as well.  It is not officially a MAPS station, but MAPS-protocol efforts take place during the summer.  Nets are located in mixed hardwood forests, scrub-shrubland, adjacent to emergent marshes and within mitigated wetlands.  Two volunteers enjoyed morning of banding and birding on the opening day.  Due to scheduling conflicts, opening day for Period 4 had to take place 4 days past its end, but this is allowable by MAPS protocol.  Highlights included the young male Blue-winged Warbler.  Samantha Gonzalez

Adult Male Blue-winged WarblerPhoto by Samantha Gonzalez

Adult Male Blue-winged Warbler
Photo by Samantha Gonzalez