Again as in period 5, period 6 MAPS banding was a two day event, this time due to issues with mist nets. Missed effort was made up on Sunday, June 24.

For Saturday, June 23, there were 9 new birds banded and 5 recaps.  A Wood Thrush was heard in the woods early in the morning and about 2 hours through the session, a male and female Wood Thrush were netted. A Wood Thrush was singing later Saturday evening and also heard on Sunday perhaps indicating that this pair may be staying for a bit.

A juvenile Eastern Bluebird (which was banded at the house on May 23) was netted in a meadow net. This and another Bluebird were using the mist net pole as a hunting perch. After banding, these two birds continued to use the poles to perch.

Also encountered and banded was a juvenile Song Sparrow taken from one of the woodland mist nets. This bird had a definite yellow tint to the face. Juvenile Song Sparrows do have heavy streaking on the chest making wing morphology a good diagnostic for species identification.

A large male American Robin was netted. This Robin had a dark black head and deep red breast, with a wing chord of 131mm confirmed this was a big Robin!

Bobolinks and Eastern Meadowlarks were still heard in the area, with the former staying in unmowed areas of the North and South meadows and the latter moving around to any place which has taller grass.

On Sunday,  June 24, MAPS was again run to make up for missed effort on Saturday using two nets. There were five new birds banded and one recap. Calm winds early in the session changed to 5-8mph winds later in the day. A pair of American Robins were banded, as well as a female Red-winged Blackbird. Additionally, the return of a female American Goldfinch banded on July 14 ,2011 was recorded. Two Eastern Meadowlarks were in close proximity to one of the nets early on but moved off as the day progressed.

Thank you to Pat for her help on Saturday and helping to get nets bagged the correct way, and to Shelby for helping to setup mist nets on Friday evening and for also helping to bag nets on Saturday.

The next scheduled MAPS data is Sunday, July 1, 2012.

Adult Wood ThrushPhoto by Tom Klotzbach

Adult Wood Thrush
Photo by Tom Klotzbach

Young Song SparrowPhoto by Tom Klotzbach

Young Song Sparrow
Photo by Tom Klotzbach

Eastern Bluebird Fledgling Banded at Backyard NestboxPhoto by Tom Klotzbach

Eastern Bluebird Fledgling Banded at Backyard Nestbox
Photo by Tom Klotzbach