Third session at 2012 KAIS MAPS station.   The first batch of fledglings are beginning to show up at the MAPS station. We banded a juvenile Black-capped Chickadee and juvenile Northern Cardinal that were easy to age by their fluffy appearance. Cedar Waxwings surrounding the honeysuckle bushes looked like a cloud of large mosquitoes, and four ended up in the nets.  Even though we had 15-20 mph winds, there were 13 new birds and 8 recaptures on Monday, June 25. Our happy group photo shows left to right, Jennifer Holzschuh, Pat Lovallo, Marian Klik, Chita McKinney, Ann Nash, Emily Patterson, Greg Lawrence and Andrea Patterson. Our next sesssion, weather permitting will be Thursday, July 5.  Marian Klik

Brood Patch on an Indigo Bunting
Photo by Kathy Habgood


MAPS Crew at KAIS MAPS Station
Jenna, Pat, Marian, Chita, Ann, Emily, Greg and Andrea
Photo by Kathy Habgood