It’s hot at the lake – temperatures are near 90 with high humidity. Thank goodness for breezes from the lake as we sit by the tar roadway.  Joining us were Greg Lawrence, Cathy Belair, Kevin Eckert, Jenna Holzschuh, Ann Nash and Cindy Marino. The juveniles making their debut were Yellow Warblers, Northern Cardinals, Gray Catbirds, Cedar Waxwings, American Robins, Song Sparrows and capping off the scene was a juvenile Rose-breasted Grosbeak. The catch of the day was the Blue-winged Warbler. Of the 28 birds captured, 21 were new birds, 16 of which were juveniles, and seven were recaptures. Our next session is Thursday, July 12 weather permitting. Marian Klik

Hatching Year Gray CatbirdPhoto by Kathy Habgood

Hatch-year Gray Catbird.  Notice the fluffy-textured feathers, the muddy brown eye, and the fleshy “gape” – all characteristic of a HY bird.
Photo by Kathy Habgood