Sunday July 8, 2012

Ryan and Henry started setting up nets around 5:00am, while Rodney and Becky started getting the banding table ready. After Henry and I got done putting the nets up, Lisa and Ethan drove in.  Then we welcome back Brendan who has been up on the top Mount Mansfield and Warren also came.  So everyone was there but Claire was still missing.  She went to Maine for the weekend with some friends.

We had total of 59 new birds and 15 retraps.  The day started cloudy with a quick little shower. But on first net check we had about 15-20 birds and after that it became nice and steady and there were three banders going at once because it was pretty busy on that first net run. Ryan still feels comfortable with his lead for being top bander of MAPS 2012 with Warren in  2nd place.  No flycatchers for the second period in a row. We wondered where they all went.

By mid-day it was partly sunny. Bird of the day was Song Sparrow with 26 banded, along with six Ovenbird which is record in one day at Dead Creek! We suspect that we will be catching more hatch-year Song Sparrows in coming weeks. They were like young birds just coming off the nest that we caught.  And many Gray Catbirds, Yellow Warblers, Common Yellowthroats, Black-capped Chickadee, and one HY Brown Thrasher.

Our next MAPS banding day is Sunday July 15, 2012.             Ryan Kayhart

Ovenbird Photo by Ryan Kayhart

Photo by Ryan Kayhart

Great Helper! Photo by Ryan Kayhart

Great Helper!
Photo by Ryan Kayhart