Appropriately, the 100th nest is at Saxon Woods. The pair is presumably on their 3rd brood (we haven’t trapped the adults yet). This is the location of the FIRST nesting pair of the year and the first 1st I banded this year.

Back for their third nesting of 2012 with help from recent fledglings!

One exciting event is that I saw fledglings near, and at one time I saw the male at the nest hole and the female, plus a fledgling on top of the box.  Bluebird literature says that the fledglings from earlier broods sometimes help feed the second or third brood. It will be interesting if we ever observe this.

There are 4 eggs in the nestbox. Keep your fingers crossed.

We welcome to two new monitors:

Emir O’Hara is a recent college graduate with a degree in biology. She did research on bluebird nestlings and banded them for her senior thesis project. Great to have her experience. She’ll be monitoring Maple Moor and Hampshire golf courses.

New Assistant Emir O’Hara

Also just joining us is BRSS board member, Neil Powell. He lives next to Old Oaks Golf Course and has offered to share the monitoring of that location with Bonnie Gould.

Another New Monitor – Neil Powell

He held his first bluebird today. 

An observation I have as we are on second broods is that often nestlings are of different sizes and not all eggs hatch. I think the extreme heat and perhaps fatigue of second brooders has something to do with this.

The nesting season is winding down, but I hope all of you will continue to monitor through July. There are always surprises along the bluebird trail. I still have 18 active nests with either eggs or nestlings awaiting banding.  Sandy Morrissey