July 22, 2012 .   It was a windy one today at Dead Creek with the wind was blowing pretty steady from net open to net close.  We almost postponed today’s banding session, but since we had already woken up at 4:00 AM we decided to give it a try. While the totals for the day could have been better if it was calm, we still got a respectable 49 newly banded birds and 8 recaptures. We like to think that if it had just been a little less windy we would have scored another big week like the two before. Alas, Mother Nature can be a little cruel, but hey, at least it didn’t rain.

The team this week consisted of Rodney, Ryan, Warren, Claire, Becky, and Henry. Brendan, Lisa, and Ethan were out. It was great having Becky back at the scribe table (and also the chocolate chip cookies and muffins to help us through the morning).We did get a surprise appearance however from Dan and Brittany, our newlywed couple who were celebrating their one year anniversary. Congrats!

There were many guests today including Warren’s friends, Brad and Emily. It was their first experience banding and both showed excellent potential. We hope to see them again! We were also visited by Becky’s friends from Texas again. The kids love being able to release the birds and getting a unique perspective on nature.

We caught our first Purple Finch for the 2012 MAPS season. We only get 1 or 2 of these about every other year. We also banded 2 more Ovenbirds and 24 more Song Sparrows making this year’s sparrow count 88. With another good Song Sparrow day we could beat our 2010 record of 102 birds!  Claire Trombley



HY Song SparrowPhoto by Ryan Kayhart

HY Song Sparrow
Photo by Ryan Kayhart

AHY Female Purple FinchPhoto by Ryan Kayhart

AHY Female Purple Finch
Photo by Ryan Kayhart

Claire Getting Ready to Band a Gray CatbirdPhoto by Ryan Kayhart

Claire Getting Ready to Band a Gray Catbird
Photo by Ryan Kayhart

New Scribe!Photo by Ryan Kayhart

New Scribe!
Photo by Ryan Kayhart