I’m not quite certain why anyone tries to predict the weather in Rochester.  When I woke up at 4:00 Thursday morning and checked the radar and weather forecast, I was certain the entire day would be a washout.  Nevertheless, we headed up to Braddock Bay because we had told the students class would go on, rain or shine.  BBBO must be located inside some sort of weather bubble, because our entire day was rain-free.  While we didn’t get an overwhelming number of birds, we got enough to keep our young banders busy.  Pictures will best tell the story.

For the first time this week, there were birds for all!

The students continued net-picking, scribing, and banding.

Brenna measures the wing of a Red-eyed Vireo

Anna skulls a Common Yellowthroat

Cici prepares to band a Tufted Titmouse.

Emily quizzes Bethany, who uses the field guide to correctly identify a Warbling Vireo (as did all the students!).

And then . . . we got an unfamiliar bird.

Bella extracts our Quiz Bird

Emily is stumped! (So is everyone else.)

Here are two views of the bird . . .

Quiz bird!

Quiz bird!

I’ll tell you tomorrow what we think it is.  Any guesses?