Total of 25 birds, of 9 species 9 retraps and 40 observed.  Again, a very hot and humid day as we approached the noon hour.  More birds than last session, but still numbers are down.  Because of the heat and humidity, we kept a close eye on the nets, closing nets 10 and 11 30 minutes early due to sun exposure.

 There was a good number of Song Sparrows, but fewer Yellow Warblers than we’ve been seeing.  There was one particularly beautiful American Redstart female as well.  Numbers overall are down, because birds are either leaving for the season or have grown accustomed to where the nets are located.  It is also important to note that because of this extended dry period, a lot of bird numbers are down in the area.  While we’re still observing a decent number of species (thanks in specific to two of our seven volunteers) in the study area, it is quite obvious that both shorebird and passerine numbers are down.

Because we’re displaying a poster on the bird banding at HANA at both the Mill Seat and High Acres Waste Management Open Houses, on both July 26th and July 31st respectively, I took some processing and extraction photos of our volunteers in action that I later used on the poster.  Samantha Gonzalez

Applying a band. Photo by Samantha Gonzalez

Applying a band.
Photo by Samantha Gonzalez

Removing a Bird From a Mist-net

Removing a bird from a mist-net