21 total birds, of 9 species, 6 recaps and 28 observed. Six volunteers came out on a steamy Friday; once again a few girls came from Waste Management’s summer program to help out.  The typical sunny-exposure nets were closed early as the day stretched on and the temperatures climbed.  There were a few sprinkles immediately after we opened everything up, but it was just to frighten us and the day continued on uneventfully. 

While making net runs in the front, I believe it’s important to note that we observed a LOT of Green Heron activity.  The juveniles were fishing in clusters along the causeway and startling one bander (i.e. me) repeatedly as they squawked and flew surprisingly close.  We had a Great Egret on the causeway fishing as well, giving us a nice photo opportunity.  There were also a lot of butterflies harassing us today, Monarchs, swallowtails and I believe Red Admirals?

One That Didn't Get Banded!Photo by Samantha Gonzalez

One that didn’t get banded!
Photo by Samantha Gonzalez

Overall it was a quiet end to a quiet season, no “exciting” or new species rolling through to shake us up like last week.  As has been speculated previously, the drought was to blame for lower numbers this summer.  There were almost no mosquitoes attacking as we set up and checked nets. 

Some highlights were to be found however.  We did catch a female Ruby-throated Hummingbird which we of course couldn’t band, and one heavily poxed veery was also released.  Samantha Gonzalez