19 total birds, of 6 species, only 3 recaps and 28 birds observed.  One of our birds observed included a Bald Eagle, fishing in RIT’s wetland!  Definitely a major highlight of the day, it was incredible and massive and patriotic.  This was another location where in the slow times, the volunteers (of which there were three) played and photographed the butterflies.  One of the butterflies tagged along on my watch for a net check.

Red Admiral Says 'it's time to check the nets again!'Photo by Samantha Gonzalez

Red Admiral says ‘it’s time to check the nets again!’.  Photo by Samantha Gonzalez

 On this date, the heat and winds caused us to close the swamp trail prematurely.

 Some highlights included a couple of juvenile Eastern Phoebes.  We also had a pair of indigo Buntings come through, one second year female and an after second year handsome male, who may or may not have been “robbing the cradle.”

 Sadly and joyously, it was one bander’s last session with us (maybe!) as she is soon off to graduate school at the University of Regina in Canada.  Her last bird with us was the female Indigo Bunting.  We’ll miss you Katie!  Samantha Gonzalez