Friday August 17, 2012.  It was all work today and no bird banding as we got all the nets up, properly guy-wired,  vegetation trimmed and the Robert G. McKinney Bird Banding Lab ready for the fall season.  We had a great crew – with Heather Bonter, Marian Klik, Tom Klotzbach, Greg Lawrence, Steve Maley, Andrea and Emily Patterson, Doug Smith, Ruth Stork, Tom Verhulst, and John Waud all kept busy.  We had a long discussion about habitat maintenance around the field nets.  Andrea and Emily had set up a set of net poles in the parking lot (!) so we could closely examine a box of used nets we had been given, to find nets that needed to be repaired and nets that were too full of holes to be used.  (We have to burn those nets.)  So we are ready for birds and for visitors!    Betsy Brooks