August 19, 2012

Well, it was a slow day with only 13 birds total. With only Ryan, Claire, Henry, and Becky on deck we felt it would be too overwhelming to have only one netpicker and all the nets open, so we just opened the back group.  Lisa and Ethan joined us for half the morning and provided some support as well. Also joining the DCBO team was family visiting from Michigan and Colorado. The kids were happy to see the few birds that we had up close and personal. Even though it was a slow day we still did get a Swainson’s Thrush which we have only banded once before and which was exciting. We had one more surprise for the day as well. During our last net run we got visitors walking down our road. They had come from New York to check out our banding set up and guess how they found out about us? From our website! It was a shocker since most of us thought that we were the only ones who used it to see what the day’s total had been. They were lucky enough to see a bird getting banded before we closed up for the day and we told them to come back for Dead Creek Days on October 6th.  We hope to see them, you, and many more for our public demonstration this fall!

Claire Trombley

The MAPS Post-banding Day CrewPhoto by Ryan Kayhart

The MAPS post-banding day crew.  Photo by Ryan Kayhart