Monday August 20, 2012   The fall banding season is underway. It was a beautiful low 70 degree day with light winds but….few birds. All totaled, we banded 18 new birds and recaptured 12. Aggie Windig brought in visiting family from the Netherlands and all was quiet when they all discussed what was happening at the station in their native language. A Carolina Wren serenaded us all morning right near the station and a Red-bellied Woodpecker repeated his call down the road. A HY catbird flew back into the building after being released and “walked” under the screen curtain into the next room. He walked back after his personal tour of the back room and flew back out the window he came in on. Catches of the day were a HY Ovenbird, male Canada Warbler and a spectacularly colored male Baltimore Oriole. Photos of the last two are below.  Marian Klik

Adult male Canada Warbler.  Photo by Greg Lawrence

Gorgeous adult male Baltimore Oriole.  Photo by Greg Lawrence