Tuesday, August 21, 2012   Today was a good day at Braddock Bay Bird Observatory.  It was slow but steady, as is typical of the early season.   In the end, we banded 26 new birds of 11 different species.  We also had 9 retraps.  Some of the highlights of the new birds banded included 7 Magnolia Warblers, 3 Northern Waterthrush, and 2 Northern Flickers.  We had a great staff today with a total of 9 people helping.  Of these 2 were college students and 1 was a medical school student.  It was really nice to have the students join us before they head back to their respective universities.  The new season seems to be getting off to a very good start.  John Waud

Northern Waterthrush Banded TodayPhoto by Kathy Habgood

Northern Waterthrush.  Photo by Kathy Habgood