31 new birds of 15 species; 11 recaps.  New species:  Tennessee Warbler and Blackpoll Warbler.  Bird of the day:  Magnolia Warbler with 5 new bands.  We had a lazy day of banding this morning.  The birds were few, but the species diversity kept us on our toes.  A young Baltimore Oriole was a treat as his (or her!) orange feathers were just starting to come in here and there, and an older Northern Cardinal was one of the handsomest we’ve seen.  Two young teenagers spent most of the morning with us learning to net-pick and to band, and two old teenagers got in just a few more hours of banding before they both head back to college.  We had a bit of excitement mid-morning, when a deer started crashing through a small wooded area in the middle of several nets.  He managed to go through the only open gap, however, and he avoided catastrophe.  A second deer just a moment later was not so agile . . . when we went to investigate the direction he had taken, we found a net ripped in several places, with one fragment stretched out about 4 feet and wrapped around a tree.  Aggie valiantly made a repair attempt, but in the end it was curtains for the (unfortunately recently replaced!) net.

Update:  On Thursday night, we opened our new Owl Nets for the first time.  We didn’t catch any owls, but we did manage to get the first Eastern Wood Pewee of the season!  The start of this blog entry should now read: 32 new birds of 16 species; 11 recaps.  New species:  Eastern Wood Pewee, Tennessee Warbler and Blackpoll Warbler.