Here are the Awards handed out at the DCBO MAPS Celebration!

Friday August 24,2012  On Friday night the Dead Creek crew got together and had a cook out and award ceremony to celebrate the end of our MAPS season. We started around 5:30-6:00PM.  Missing from the gathering were Brendan Collins and Warren King.  Here are the awards given out.

Top Bander – Ryan

Perfect Attendance – Ryan, Rodney and Henry

Almost Perfect Attendance – Becky

Nearly Almost Perfect Attendance – Warren

Not Quite Nearly Almost Perfect Attendance – Ethan

Not Quite Almost Nearly Perfect Attendance – Lisa

Some Attendance but not very close to perfect – Claire

Not even close to Almost Perfect Attendance – Brendan

Butterfingers – Ryan, Rodney, Henry, Warren, Claire, and Ethan

Best Bird – Ryan

First Bird Banded – Ireland Young and Brad Mathews

Golden Scribe Award – Becky

Biggest Fish Award – Dan

Emergency Scribe Relief – Brittany

Ryan Kayhart

Henry and Ryan With Ryan's 2012 Top Bander AwardPhoto by Rodney Olsen

Henry and Ryan with Ryan’s 2012 Top Bander Award.  Photo by Rodney Olsen

Ryan and Claire with the 'Butterfingers' AwardsPhoto by Rodney Olsen

Ryan and Claire with the ‘Butterfingers’ Awards.  Photo by Rodney Olsen

Becky With Her Golden Scribe AwardPhoto by Ryan Kayhart

Becky With Her Golden Scribe Award.  Photo by Ryan Kayhart

Ryan (2012 Top Bander) with Claire (2011 Top Bander)Photo by Rodney Olsen

Ryan (2012 Top Bander) with Claire (2011 Top Bander).  Photo by Rodney Olsen