Saturday September 1, 2012. We had a good day. It wasn’t super busy, but we had lots of variety in both birds and visitors to the station. We banded 20 species, with 42 new birds, with Magnolia Warbler and Swainson’s Thrush being most numerous – seven of each. New species for the season was Lincoln’s Sparrow, with two having been banded. Maggie was delighted to have an opportunity to band a Great-crested Flycatcher. Chita’s grandkids, Molly and Harrison, along with their Dad and Grandpa Ed, paid us a visit. Ann Nash, two of her grandkids and two of her neighbors stopped by. An enthusiastic family from northern Ontario paid a visit as well. Gillian Bower and Tom Verhulst came by too, and both helped to scribe for a bit. Sara Morris and her young daughter, Beth, and Corey came to set up the MARS recording “studio”.  Cindy Marino