Monday September 3, 2012    Braddock Bay Bird Observatory was busier than the week before where we collected only 10 birds.   Today was Labor Day and we caught 34 birds of which 28 were new. Seventeen of the new ones were Blackpolls, Red-eye Vireos, Swainsons Thrushes, Common Yellowthroats or Magnolia Warblers. Putting in appearances were the Veery and Ovenbirds.

The greatest challenge of the day were the two confusing fall warblers in the photos below. The yellow feet of the Blackpoll warbler and dark legs on the Bay-breasted were noted. The reddish color feathers along the side of the Bay-breasted Warbler and lack thereof for the other separated them as two different species. The underparts showed yellow color and streaking for the Blackpoll and no streaking and little yellow for the Bay-breasted. There were short tail projections past undertail coverts for both Blackpoll and Bay-breasted.

Blackpoll and Bay-breasted Warblers side views.  Photo by Peggy Keller

One more view … undertail coverts and tail spots.  Blackpoll and Bay-breasted Warblers.  Photo by Peggy Keller

Hurricane Issac was on its way which probably kept some birds in Canada not wanting to risk Lake Ontario. We will have to see the counts in the next few day after the hurricane passes.   Marian Klik