Saturday September 8, 2012.  16 new birds, 4 retraps, 12 species.   New Species Sharp-shinned hawk and Red-shouldered hawk.  It was VERY good slow day!  The day started with our third Connecticut Warbler of  the season.

Third Connecticut Warbler of the Fall 2012 SeasonPhoto by Ryan Kayhart

Third Connecticut Warbler of the fall 2012 season.  Photo by Ryan Kayhart

And then our first Sharp-shinned of  the season.  But it did not end there.  Then came our first ever Red-shouldered hawk banded at BBBO!

First Ever Red-shouldered Hawk Banded at BBBOHeld by the Person Who Took It Out of the Net - Chita McKinney! Photo by Ryan Kayhart

First ever Red-shouldered Hawk banded at BBBO, held by the person who took it out of the net – Chita McKinney!  Photo by Ryan Kayhart

We had radar on all day.  We closed the nets at hour 2 due to rain, but we reopened about 45 minutes later. After a while, the wind picked up and we caught leaves.

The net picker (Chita McKinney) has their undivided attention!

Chita showing how it’s done!

After 3 net checks not catching any birds we closed for the day.  Ember was bander in charge with help from Ryan, Chita, Maggie, and Heather.  Ryan Kayhart