Tuesday September 11, 2012

Tuesdays have been good days so far this season at Braddock Bay Bird Observatory.  Today we banded 72 birds of 25 species.  Winter Wren was a new species for the season.  Early this morning we had a Cape May Warbler, which caused a lot of excitement.

HY Male Cape May WarblerPhoto by Ryan Kayhart

HY Male Cape May Warbler
Photo by Ryan Kayhart

By the end of the day we had banded ten different species of warbler.  The Magnolia Warbler was the most common bird today; 15 were banded.  Blackpoll Warblers were also common today; 10 were banded.  Other species of note were Lincoln’s sparrow (2 were banded), Winter Wren (1 was banded), Brown Creeper (1 was banded), and Red-bellied Woodpecker ( 1 was banded).  Since today was the first day of the fall bander training class, the variety of species was very helpful.   Katie was able to record 21+ birds in the MARS trailer.   John Waud