77 birds of 24 species, 16 recaps.  New species:  Hairy Woodpecker.  The morning started out with a flood of birds lasting for the first hour, and then things slowed to a trickle.  We shouldn’t complain, though, as we saw 11 species of warbler, 4 species of vireo, and at least 3 species of thrush.  By some accounts, the highlight of the day was the Hairy Woodpecker bravely net-picked and processed by Gayle.  However, I was more interested in the late Yellow Warbler, the three Philadelphia Vireos, and the three Red-breasted Nuthatches.

HY Male Red-breasted NuthatchPhoto by Ryan Kayhart

HY male Red-breasted Nuthatch.  Photo by Ryan Kayhart

Last spring, we didn’t band a single Red-breasted, and we typically only band one or two a season.  Already this fall we have banded at least six, and I suspect we’ve just begun.  It’s a little early to say the numbers at BBBO are significantly unusual, but others across the country are also reporting a spike in numbers.  Keep an eye out at your feeders and on your bird walks, and be sure to report your sightings to help document this possible irruption!