Friday September 14, 2012.  63 new bands of 19 species.  New species Northern Parula.  We had another interesting day, with a couple of really good net-checks.  Blackpoll Warbler was bird of the day with 36 banded.  There were ten warbler species banded.  We replaced another net destroyed by deer, and Ryan spruced up the banding lab in preparation for our weekend visitors.   Cindy Marino was BIC with help from Mark Catlin (who also watched for Monarch Butterflies to tag,) Virginia Duffy,  Tom Klotzbach, John Lehr, Karl Reinhold, Lee Schofield, Ruth Stork (who brought TWO boxes of donuts!), and Alice Vandermoere.  Katie had plenty of Blackpoll Warblers to test in the MARS trailer.  New data tech, Mandy Spencer, scribed and worked on getting data entered.  Betsy Brooks