77 birds of 19 species, 24 recaps.  New species:  Golden-crowned Kinglet.  Bird of the day was Blackpoll Warbler, with 30 new bands.  It was a fairly ordinary fall day (bird-wise) at BBBO.  We had a fair number of birds with decent variety.  We banded two more Red-breasted Nuthatches, as well as a beautiful Blackburnian Warbler.  The White-throated Sparrows seemed more prevalent today, but the Magnolia Warbler numbers are clearly tapering off.  The birds weren’t our only visitors today – we were kept on our toes by a group of lively Cub Scouts (Troop 208) and  by several other visitors who came to enjoy the morning with us.  We were especially excited to welcome Claire and Henry Trombley, Ryan’s friends from the Dead Creek Bird Observatory in Vermont.