Wednesday September 19, 2012.  141 new bands of 21 species; 43 recaps.  The only sound at sunrise was the sound of White-throated Sparrows in the bushes and trees.  We banded 29 of them but Blackpoll Warbler was the bird of the day with 49 banded.  We also banded 21 Swainson’s Thrush.  The highlight of the day was the banding of a beautiful Connecticut Warbler, the fourth one this fall.

Dr. Kristi Hannam brought her Animal Behavior class from SUNY Geneseo for a visit.  Tom MacDonald stopped by for a visit, and Dave Mathiason helped set up BANDIT on the Observatory laptop.  This is the newest program provided by the Bird Banding Lab for banders to use to submit their data.

The workmen continued putting new siding on the north side of the main building.   In the evening, we opened a few nets to attempt to catch some Saw-whet Owls.  We have two new net placements using 60mm nets and we also opened two of the adjacent 30mm aerial nets, and used a caller.  But no owls were caught    But we decided to try it again next Wednesday night.   Betsy Brooks