Sunday September 23, 2012.  75 new bands of 20 species; 65 retraps.  New species Yellow-bellied Sapsucker and Hermit Thrush.  Birds of the day were White-throated Sparrow (27), and 10 each of Swainson’s Thrush and Blackpoll Warbler.  We still had 8 species of warblers including Tennessee, Nashville, Magnolia, Black-throated Blue, Bay-breasted, American Redstart and Ovenbird.  The Hermit Thrush looked like it had left the nest no longer than 10 days ago!

HY Yellow-bellied Sapsucker - First of the FallPhoto by Ryan Kayhart

HY Yellow-bellied Sapsucker – first of the fall.  Photo by Ryan Kayhart

Students in  Dr. Heather Zimbler-DeLorenzo’s Vertebrate Biology  class and the Outdoor Club from Alfred University learned about the process of banding, and the research projects underway at the banding station this fall.

Alfred University Students Visit BBBOPhoto by Ryan Kayhart

Alfred University students visit BBBO.  Photo by Ryan Kayhart

Lyn worked on lowering the height of the vegetation behind net 7 after we closed nets for the day.  Rowan, Delaney and Betsy had a nice walk along the lakefront.    Betsy Brooks