Tuesday, September 25, 2012.  106 new birds of 28 species; 37 recaps.  Today was a perfect day for the RIT Bander Training Class at BBBO.  It was a clear, cool morning with a steady flow of birds.  The banding class did very well at removing the birds from the nets and at banding.   We also processed 37 retrapped birds.  Swainson’s Thrush (22 new birds) and White-throated  Sparrow (17 new birds) were most common.  Some of the day’s highlights included Yellow-shafted Flicker, Philadelphia Vireo, Brown Creeper, Lincoln’s Sparrow, Purple Finch, and House Finch.

The BTC students walked out to Main Blind to learn about raptor banding.  Dan Niven had just caught a Red-tailed Hawk and after releasing it, we sat for awhile looking at gulls in the blue sky until a second gorgeous hatch-year Red-tailed Hawk came out of the sky right into the bow-trap.

Dan Niven Removing a Red-tailed Hawk from the Bow NetPhoto by Caroline Caceci

Dan Niven removing a Red-tailed Hawk from the bow net.  Photo by Caroline Caceci

Caroline got to release it, and just about then, we worried that the whole class would switch to raptor banding rather than passerine banding.  John Waud