Wednesday October 3, 2012.  125 new birds of 18 species; 43 recaps.  Birds of the day were Golden-crowned Kinglet and White-throated Sparrow with 32 banded of each.  We also banded 21 Ruby-crowned Kinglets.  The chickadees continue to build, with five banded today along with four Tufted Titmice.  In the evening, after a birthday celebration for Dan Niven, we raised the owl nets, and on the second net-check, we found an Eastern Red Bat in the 70 aerial.   Dan Niven, here for the evening celebrating his birthday, skillfully snipped a few strands of net and  ‘teased’ the bat out of the net.   On the second check, we caught another Red Bat, but this one got out by itself.  On the fourth net-check we got our first Saw-whet Owl … a sweet female banded by Andrea.

The fifth check yielded another female, netted about a foot away from the caller.  This one was banded by Jenna.

Jenna Bands Her First Saw-whet OwlPhoto by Ryan Kayhart

Jenna Bands Her First Saw-whet Owl.  Photo by Ryan Kayhart

And… to complete the night, we caught our third ‘whet on the final net check of the evening.  It was a male, this time banded by Ryan .

Betsy Brooks