49 new bands of 14 species; 30 recaps.  Bird of the day was White-throated Sparrow with 20 new bands.  Highlights included a Nashville Warbler, an Eastern Phoebe (always a big hit!), and a FAT Grey-cheeked Thrush.

Today Braddock Bay was host to three banders from Appledore Island and several students from Cornell.  Andy, Susan and Faye hail from New England, and all volunteer on Appledore Island.  They drove up for the weekend in what has now become a fall tradition.  The Cornell students all took (or will soon take) David Bonter’s Field Ornithology class, and came up for the weekend to practice their developing banding skills.  They learned net-picking on Chickadees in February, and I guess if they can do that, they can do anything!

This evening the Cornell students came out for owl banding.  The wind was fairly strong from a not-quite-right direction, so we weren’t sure we would catch anything.  While we didn’t get any new owls, we did recapture one that we banded on Wednesday (10/3) . . . which meant everyone got to go to bed happy!