Sunday October 8, 2012.  306 new of 21 species; 32 recaps.   The crew was kept busy for all 6 hours of operation today, banding 288 birds including an amazing 78 (!) Hermit Thrush. We were joined for a second day by Andy Thiede, Fay Melendy, and Susan Lee who all have worked at the banding station on Appledore Island, Maine. A fine crew of Cornell University students (Caleb Arellano, Kayla Garcia, Kathryn Grabenstein, Sarah MacLean, Teresa Pegan, and Shailee Shah) processed most of the birds. Dr. Matt Carling from the University of Wyoming joined the crew and mastered the art of skulling. Everyone was impressed by a Connecticut Warbler which brought our warbler species total to 4 (Yellow-rumped, Blackpoll, and Common Yellowthroat). We were pleased to band 7 species of sparrow including Field, Song, White-throated, White-crowned, Lincoln’s, Swamp, and Dark-eyed Junco. We also banded good numbers of Ruby-crowned (51) and Golden-crowned Kinglets (61). Special thanks to BBBO superstars Andrea Patterson, Marilyn Guenther, and Ryan Kayhart for holding the operation together and providing guidance to many less experienced banders! Thanks also to Kathy Habgood for the visit and the basket of honey crisp apples!   In the evening, Ryan set up a few nets to sample what was in the area and caught a few more birds to bring the total up to 306.

Cornell University students enjoyed banding many of the 288 birds today.

The Sunday crew featured BBBO regulars and visitors from the Appledore Island banding station.