Tuesday October 9, 2012.  113 new of 17 species; 30 recaps. New species Yellow Palm Warbler.   Most numerous species were White-throated Sparrow (28), Hermit Thrush (23) and Golden-crowned Kinglet (21).   A HY Yellow Palm Warbler caused quite a stir.  The BTC students ran the station for most of the morning, and did very well.  Jeannie, Kevin and Jenna all entered data.

Joanna Klima spend most of the day doing an almost impossible sewing job.  She actually made a patch for a net with a giant hole in it, cutting an old, unused net to just the size of the hole, and cleverly sewing the patch onto the net.  Curious chickadees kept investigating what she was doing, sometimes getting caught in the partially closed net, forcing her to remove them before she could continue sewing!

Betsy Brooks