77 new of 15 species, 33 recaps.  New species:  Fox Sparrow.  We didn’t need the first Fox Sparrow of the season to tell us that autumn will soon be over.  We need only look at the bare trees, the fallen leaves in our nets and on the paths, the wooly bear caterpillars everywhere, the profusion of purple asters.  But this gorgeous bird was a welcome sign, nonetheless!

The first Fox Sparrow of the season, showing off his unique arrow-head spots.

While the number of Black-capped Chickadees is slowly growing, we have yet to see them in the huge numbers indicative of an irruption.  We continue to see higher-than-usual numbers of Tufted Titmice and nuthatches.  Today’s other highlights included a hatch year female Sharp-shinned Hawk, and a small flock of Purple Finches.