Wednesday, October 17.  61 new bands of 11 species and 22 recaptures processed. As we opened nets shortly before sunrise the chickadees seemed to be everywhere so I was surprised when our first net check (at 15 minutes because of the cold) yielded many birds but only one chickadee. Finally our net check at hour 2.5 began to produce the anticipated chickadees. We ended the day with 26 Black-capped Chickadees with 7  Slate-colored Juncos a distant second. The highlight was probably a hatching year Red-bellied Woodpecker.

Gorgeous (but Noisy!) Red-bellied WoodpeckerPhoto by Peggy Keller

Gorgeous Red-bellied Woodpecker.  Photo by Peggy Keller

Jesse Rubenstein, a  recent BTC graduate and RIT grad student brought his parents to see the banding process.

As we finished up, David Mathiason and Dominic Sherony were installing the new double door between the banding room and the research and education room.

Jon Dombrowski